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rshultz 11-16-2012 01:57 PM

General q regarding feed routing in crawl space
I have a cabin going up over a crawl space foundation in Southern Utah with a 30" frost zone and R30 rock wool insulation between 2x10 joists on 16" centers. The excavators brought the 1" feed line from my cistern into the crawl space about 25 feet from my wet wall, and the joists run perpendicular the whole distance.

My question is: is it better to dig a trench in the crawl space and bring the feed line up directly under the wet wall, or is it better to get the feed line up under the joist insulation as soon as possible and run it through holes in each joist? This crawl space is vented and unheated.

Thanks for any advice.

ddawg16 11-16-2012 02:59 PM

That is a really good question...

First thing that comes to mind....drilling holes in the floor joists.....besides being a lot of work to get them all in a line, you then have to get the pipe through it....

I would be inclinded to think that in the ground would be best.

But....looking forward to hearing from the experts.

TheEplumber 11-16-2012 04:57 PM

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I have the same frost line here too. A lot of times we strap the pipe under the joists. Branch lines will tee of the top into the bays. The floor insulation is looped under the mains so the pipes are to the warm side. treat your tub/shower traps the same.
This is not guaranteed not to freeze though. Home owner needs to be proactive- keep vents and such stuff closed in the winter.
I suppose the real reason plumbers pipe like this is its all about money- get in, get out. On to the next one :) drilling holes take time!

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