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helpless handyman 04-29-2008 08:12 PM

Gas line size
Hi everyone,

I have a 1 1/4 gas line that tees to 1/2 for water heater, than tees to 1 inc for boiler. I need to tie into the 1 1/4 for gas dryer. Is 1/2 inc good for gas dryer, or should I go with 1 inc? Also, a stupid question, was gavalnized piping allowed for gas lines back in the days? The reason I asked, I just discovered some gavalnized gas line pipe that the idiots that installed it paint it black, thinking it wasn't going to be discovered. I notice when I was taking the pipes apart, and I removed it all.

Termite 04-29-2008 10:25 PM

You have to size each run of pipe to each appliance, but the sizing is based on the entire system.

I need the following information in order to tell you what you need to know...

Measure the total length of your gasline from where it comes out of the meter all the way to the longest run (farthest appliance from the meter). Diameter of the pipes in this run don't matter. This total length measurement is used to size every single piece of pipe in the system, no matter how long or short it is.

It would also be nice to know the exact btu/h input rating of the gas dryer. I'd guess 35,000...But that is a guess.

I'm also assuming you're on a 1/2 psi system and not a 2 psi regulated system (less common). If all you have is pipe in the house, we'll assume 1/2 psi. If you have a regulator or regulators in the house, we'll assume you're on a 2 psi system.

The safe answer to your question is use 3/4" pipe. 1" would likely be ridiculous overkill. You'd have to bust 150' of total system length or 84,000 btu/h's to push its limits. 1/2" is more than likely good...It'll do 40,000 btu/h's out to 150' of total system length. If you want, give me the lengths and I'll size it for you.

To my knowledge, galvanized pipe has never been ok for gas piping.

Ishmael 04-29-2008 10:30 PM

Don't you need a gas-fitters license? :huh:

helpless handyman 04-30-2008 08:18 AM

Thanks so much thekctermite :thumbsup:

Here is some info, no regulators in the house. Pipe runs 36 ft from meter,(1 inc pipe) I am correcting a few things, 1/2 feeds water heater GE 50 gallon. 3/4 inc is feeding 117,000 btu boiler, and 3/4 inc feeds gas stove on upper floor, all coming off the 1 inc main line. I just check the specs and couldn't find the btu's on the manual. I am not at the house, so I can't check the dryer itself. I'm sure there is a metal tag with this info, according to Maytag 1/2 IPS is recommended. It's a Maytag Epicz MGD600T. Hope this helps, I am thinking the 1/2 should be good? Let me know what you think, Thanks!

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