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galvanized vs flexpipe

I am having a new gas furnace installed. I have had both galvanized steel and flex piping recommended for the job. This is a very short line going from the gas meter then about ten feet outside and into the house. I also have gas logs which are running in copper and will need to be replaced. I have been discouraged from using black iron because of rusting outside. Any ideas on pros and cons of galvanized vs flex for gas?


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Trac pipe is good if installed correctly . Grounded , correct fittings , etc, very thin walled.. I would choose black pipe because of thickness.. Sch. 40.. No galv.pipe for me


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Gas needs black pipe, galvanized is illegal to use. If you are concerned about it rusting outside, coat it or run it inside a PVC sleeve and caulk all joints.
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Galvanized problems?

Several local contractors recommended galvanized and several flex. I was told the flex might not be a great idea if there's any risk of it getting bumped outside and to go with the galvanized. What is the problem with the galvanized? The black iron seems to rust -- I already have some going to a generator which rusted in a couple of years....
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It sounds like you have an appearance issue. If it is just a matter of appearance do as Mr. Bob suggested. I have not heard of a legality issue, but galvanized has been the standard for years for potable water and black has been labeled for most other processed gasses and/or liquids. Flexi pipe (Normac etc.) is being marginally accepted by different states for outdoor use with many restrictions. It can be punctured easily with concrete breakers, it can be hooked and ripped apart with back hoes and skidsteers. I even accidently put a sharp square edge shovel through a piece of 3/4. Black pipe for gas is by far the safest -and cheapest- way to go. Get yourself a can of your favorite irredescent Pink spray paint and spray paint that nasty old black pipe to suit.
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Galvanized pipe is generally not used for gas piping due to the possibility of the pipe flaking and causing obstructions in the orifices leading to equipment failure. Black iron is much better suited for gas installations. Like anything left to the elements and untreated, black iron WILL rust. Its nature....just as wood siding will deteriorate, cars will rust, decks will fade...if nothing is done to protect them. CCST is generally an accepted material for gas piping also. However, due black irons strength and rigidity, I would use it for an outdoor application and paint it whatever color suits your fancy. If it is going to be buried, there is a plastic tape wrap that goes on the pipe to protect it.
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Black pipe, flex connector's close to equipment.


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