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BatmanDIY 04-13-2010 04:31 PM

Frost Free Spigot Repair
Hi i have a frost free spigot oustide thats hook up to my garden hose. it always lacks and i didnt know if i had to replace the whole thing or if i can just take it apart and replace a few o rings or whatever. is that even worth it, do they sell repair kits? how would you repair it if you can or do you just replace it? thank you


DK75 04-13-2010 06:23 PM

I am currently working on a frost proof garden spigot myself. I am looking to replace the whole unit. I found out I don't need to as a repair kit was locally avaialble for the anti-siphon valve, which is located on the top of the water valve. The kit was around $4 and super easy to replace and there is a schematic on the back of the package.

I didn't need it, but they offered a valve repair kit for around $7 which include any necessary washers, orings, valve stem/seat, etc. The kit looked almost universal for a variety of models, however manufacturer specific. I would look at your valve and figure out which manufacturer and do an online search. There are plenty of web-based plumbing outfits with parts and also online diagrams.

Mine is a Mansfield and readily avaialable at the local big box stores.

I haven't done a repair, however it looks like you need to remove the handle which gives access to a hex nut fitting that allows removal of the valve stem assembly. IMPORTANT to remember to shut off water supply somewhere upstream and then drain the line.

Good luck

BatmanDIY 04-13-2010 07:53 PM

Thank you for that info i will do that and try it out. hopefully it will be easier and cheaper then replacing the whole valve. ill let you know

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