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Flow direction

I have a general interest question.On water valves,especially "gate" valves there is an arrow on the body that shows the direction of the water flow.On my icemaker water line, one of these valves were installed backwards,it has been in place for several years and has supplied the icemaker with water.It became clogged up and I had to replace it,that's when I noticed that it was backwards.Now my question: What is the arrow on the body of the water valve for? If it is for water flow,then why did the valve installed backwards work? Just asking for general interest.

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Flow direction

Except for a check valve, most all valves will allow flow in both directions. Those with flow direction indicators are just made with built-in internal "funnel" construction to increase pressure a bit past the valve.

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Flow direction

There is no reason for a gate valve to have a flow arrow on it since when fully open its like an open piece of pipe. Globe valves will have flow arrows so that when shut there is no pressure on the stem seals, but will work in either direction.
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Flow direction

The only gate valves I have seen with directional arrows are the cheaply made ones. They didn't want to pay for the engineering to make the gate beveled properly and the surfaces machined to a certain tolerance. By degignating a direction, they only machine one side of the sealing area. Most will work in either direction though. Inside a Globe valve (made for adjusting the flow rate) you will see the inlet "hole" is lower than the outlet hole.
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Flow direction

Throughout the years, I thought the arrow was there so that AFTER the valve was correctly oriented and installed and in-service, a person could determine at any time what direction the liquid was actually flowing.
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Flow direction

Thank you guys for all the info on my question.I now know what I wanted to know,thanks again to all you guys
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Flow direction

The arrows are usually there when the valve has a drain plug. It allows the user to drain the downstream section of the pipe when the valve is shut off.

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