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torno 01-19-2009 11:59 PM

floor sink?/utility sink drain
I am putting a floor sink? in my laundry area in lieu of a laundry tub. I just had all the cast iron all the way to the main replaced with ABS. The plumber located the 3" drain and trap where I wanted it and stubbed up a 3" pipe so I can cut it down when I figure out the floor level. Three of the walls will be a 6" reinforced concrete block wall with the "curb" being 4" block, all tied together at the corners and elswhere with rebar and probably 4 courses high. Since I need a footer for the walls I wanted to just pour a monolithic slab with the perimeter level for the block and the center being sloped toward the drain. I was going to use a roll on rubber membrane on the floor and up the walls. My question is, does the floor and wall have to be independent of each other or do I have to form the footer, pour it then pour the center(sink floor) separately? also if I'm pouring concrete anyway do I still need a sloped mortar bed or is a steel troweled finish suitable? This is driving me crazy, I'm ready to cut off the trap, cap the pipe, pour over all of it and purchase a regular laundry tub!!
Sorry for the mini novel and thanks to anyone who can help.

jogr 01-20-2009 09:16 AM

Have you considered one of these:

You wouldn't need a footer or block walls. If you want taller walls on 3 sides you could frame short walls, place tile backer board around them, membrane or redguard and tile like a miniature shower.

I'm not familiar enough with building your own basin with concrete and mortar but I would think you'd follow the same process as for a traditional style built in place shower. If I recall you'll end up building a sloped base , cover it with membrane and then top it with another mortar layer but I can't help with the details.

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