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flooded by frozen pipes
:( first time ever, water pipes frozen in a rental property, my insurance co. suggested a contractor o.k. went with them.the place is a "gut" as of now,I'm worried about mold there isn't any fans or heaters on in the place to start drying the place's seems they want a quick anwser about replacing my copper pipes with "pex", which I have been stalling. The property is in N.E. Ohio.What should I be watching out for or what questions should I be asking to make sure this big job is done right? Everything needs replacing,furnace, hot water tank, walls ,kitchen, bathroom, like I said everything! I came across this site while looking for info. Liked what read, hope to get some answers. Hope I made a wise decision by signing up. I'm kinda new at some repairs. HI to everyone out in diy land!!

slickshift 02-24-2007 03:25 PM

Hi odddog
Lot's of stuff you got going on there
I'm going to move this to plumbing and see what they have to say

Ron The Plumber 02-24-2007 03:37 PM

Pex is the way to go for replacing the water pipes, questions about any new installations can best be answered by pemits and inspections, this is the best known way that insures you it gets done right.

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