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Fix-a-loo TOILET outlet valve not closing/shutting


i have just installed a new outlet valve on my old caroma toilet, we have also just installed a new 'fluid master inlet valve'

The inlet valve if filling and working correctly, but when i flush the toilet the outlet valve does not go down, it remains up and as the water level drops and the inlet starts to fill the cistern again the water just continues to run into the bowl. (because the outlet valve is not shutting)

It is a brand new outlet valve (Fix-a-loo 250 series) and i have installed it correctly, but it does not want to close/shut after you press the flush button,

The new fill-valve i installed is a Fluid Master 400a fill valve, it is working fine.

The new outlet valve i installed is a FIX-A-LOO 250 series, and it will not shut/close after you press the button.

Any ideas ? im a little confused right now



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Are you from Australia? Just curious because I understand that is where the caroma toilet originated.

I haven't had the opportunity to work on one of them, so I guess my first obvious question is if you compare the old "Flush valve" (your outlet valve) to the new flush valve, are they exactly the same?

I recall the salesman talking to us about them saying that it was caroma's own flushing mechanism (do you have the dual flush design?) and I thought he said you had to use that particular flush valve, and could get it from the MFG.

Can you upload some photos?


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caroma toilet

hey Alan,

Yep im from Australia - the land of the caroma toilet

Ive just got it working, ALL is good now

Seems that the 'fix-a-loo' filler valve lifting arm mechanism was 'rubbing' against a plastic brace that holds the 'flush button' in place. - Kinda of hard to explain unless you could see how the mechanism works.

2 minutes with an angle grinder to remove a small peice of plastic and the toilet is working fine now. - I know lol, using the grinder sounds bad, but all i had to do was remove a small peice of plastic and the problem was solved. This peice of plastic was rubbing against the lifting mechanism and wouldnt allow the lifting mechanism to go down to shut/close the outlet valve.

I do recall reading on the internet that the caroma outlet valve is a certain fitment and only a caroma outlet valve is the correct fitment. I not currently have a 'fix-a-loo' outlet valve slightly modified and is working fine. No leaks, and shuts off properly.

Even though the bloke at the plumbing supply place told me it will fit no worries, wrong he was....

Luckily i found this forum, it seems this forum will come in handy in the future for small problems around the house.

Thanks again,
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Angle grinder? Plastic? A bit overkill....I'm thinking a sharp razor blade would have worked....but, hey, you have an angle have figured it out.....good job.

Analogy.....using a sledge hammer to drive in a finishing nail....overkill....but it works.
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I tryed with a razor blade, could barely scrape any plastic away. So i opted for the quick 5second job of a 1mm cutting disk to slize the bit of plastic off.

As you said, i worked it out... if i took your advice id of prolly of cut half my finger off with a sharp razor..

Lucky for my quick thinking skills i opted for the quick and easy job of a 1mm cutting disk on my grinder.

Like they say...... Work smart, not hard.....


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