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sgo70 06-15-2009 11:34 AM

First Question: Water and Sewer Supply
As we go through our Developement Permit I was told by the city that I will have to run all new connections right up to the city main service. The other day I had a private contractor come in for an estimate and he told me I should only go to the property line.

I had the guys run a video down the sewer today and everything on my property was good, even though, I'll still run new lines through there. Now as soon as you get onto city property things are crumbling and falling apart, roots are coming in from the neighbor across the alley and they said that it is in need of repair and the city should pay for it.

I was quoted from $20-25000 to have the new hook-ups done and there is no way I'm footing the bill for the city. Am I crazy thinking they should fix it?? I'll wait until tomorrow after it's submitted before I call but I'd really like some ammo before I talk to them.

One city engineer said I have 3/4" supply and 4" waste, both are sufficient and meet code as far as he's concerned. I'm in Calgary, AB by the way.

Do you guys have any advise or input??

Thanks a lot,

Just Bill 06-16-2009 06:13 AM

Not sure how things work in Canada, but down here it varies considerably on where your responsibility ends and the city/county begins. My water shutoff is on my property, but I am responsible all the way to the street connection, same with sewer. Gas company, on the other hand, is responsible all the way to the meter in my house.

majakdragon 06-16-2009 09:10 AM

I agree with Bill. When I was a Water service Tech in Ohio, the customer was responsible for supplying the pipe to reach the main (both sewer and water). The customer only had to dig to the property line however.

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