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tapr 09-25-2012 05:12 PM

first floor toilet over flowed with clean water
First I have to say I was not home for either of these two events. My 24 year old daughter has described to me what she observed.

This is an older home built in 1947, with a full bath on the second floor and a half bath on the first. Both toilets are 18 years old or newer. The toilet in question is a Crane brand and has had the fill tube replaced within the past 3 years. It is the toilet on the first floor.

The toilet in question currently makes a trickling sound and the tank fills only to half way at this time. We have the water supply truned off at this time and the sound has stopped.

In recent months we have had the need to plunge both the shower drain once and both toilets on several occasions.

My daughter states that the first overflow occurred for no known reason.
The second overflow occurred from the tank presumably while or after she took a shower on the second floor (?).

I have checked the sewer drain line to the road and it is dry.

What direction do I take here? Do I have more than one problem? Does running the shower have anything to do with the toilet overflowing? Is this a drain problem? Do I try to snake the toilets and shower myself or call a plumber to snake branch drain lines as was suggested on the phone by a plumber. I was estimated $200 for this and told every homes plumbing is configured differently and they would have to come out to assess the problem. While this sounds logical it is also convient way to charge me to come out.

I appreciate your help.

P.S. My roof was just re-shingled 10 days prior.

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