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kpfeif 09-07-2009 08:17 PM

Finishing Basement - Expanding PEX?
Hello. This is my first post around here...kind of excited I found some like-minded people!

Our home is 2 years old and we're considering finishing our basement. The home was built using PEX. The basement has a bathroom rough plumbed - just drains, vent stack, etc. For the basement, we will have the following fixtures:

Bathroom sink
Wet sink

The wetbar is going to be a pain - nothing plumbed for it, but I think I can run a drain pipe across the wall and into a drain pipe. This will be hooked to the sanitary sump down there.

The question is the PEX and if I can get away with not expanding the existing manifold, which appears to be all "full." Maybe I'll need to tap into the hot/cold lines before the existing manifold, then run new PEX in the basement from that.

Here are some photos of what we have....

Will I want to run two new 3/4" PEX to that bathroom, then, when it gets there, 1/2" from that to each of fixtures?


WaldenL 09-16-2009 10:53 PM

Welcome! Not sure why there were no responses for a week, maybe I'll start a trend. :)

While the manifold makes for a very neat install, I'm not aware of any code that says each pex run must be a home run. Sure hope there isn't one! :whistling2:
I see no reason you couldn't just put a tee in one one of the pex runs. Pick the most convenient one. Or it looks like there's a copper cap on the end of the manifold, could always expand it.

clasact 09-17-2009 08:08 AM

yes as stated just run a tee of the best lines to the area and go from their.I would check where they run first though and try to pick a line that is not supplying to many other things that way your not diveting flow from an important area.Oh and dont forget a shut off so if you have problems you can fix it without shuting down other areas

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