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farrington135 03-09-2007 08:52 AM

fernco coupling
I'm weighing my options for repairing a leaking horizontal pvc drain pipe in my downstairs bath. It was caused by a long drywall screw that nicked it years ago and held up until now. I think I will replace the section of pipe and use fernco couplings since I can't push back either side far enough to use a pvc couplings. I've heard good things about the fernco couplings. Do you just clean the pvc, slide the coupling on and tighten the clamps or is there a sealer you have to put on the pipe first? thanks

Ron The Plumber 03-09-2007 09:08 AM

No sealer needed, slide it on, tighten up the clamps, walk away.

farrington135 03-09-2007 10:12 AM


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