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bpress54 01-24-2013 05:38 PM

faucet woes
The tub in my house has an 8" old style faucet; that is, a hot valve, a cold valve, a center diverter for the shower, and a tub spout. Yesterday the water pressure was fine coming out of both sides, today the hot side has hardly any flow at all. Cold side is normal, and both hot and cold on the vanity next to the tub are working fine. Any ideas what may have caused this?

blingbling 01-24-2013 06:00 PM

Could be a number of things? Does the handle free spin on the stem? Could be a chunk of rust or calcium that made it past the seat into the stem. Could be the gasket on the stem ripped and is blocking the water. I would suggest shutting off water and removing the seat and stem. Replace with new one or remove obstruction.

DannyT 01-24-2013 09:36 PM

do you have galvanized piping? anything been done to the water heater?

joecaption 01-24-2013 09:38 PM

Frozen pipe?
Really need to go back and add your location to your profile.

bpress54 01-25-2013 03:27 PM

OK, the handle does not spin free on the stem. The piping is all brand new Pex, and it is not frozen. I know for sure because A) it's inside the house and B) the vanity faucet is fed off the same line as the bath tub and it works fine. I pulled the stem out and looked inside the faucet body and I do not see any obstructions. The washer was pretty well flattened out but not torn or raggedy, so I replaced it. I also disconnected the supply on the back side of the faucet and looked in there. No junk, goo, rust, calcium, or chunks of anything inside. The handle (stem) does seem a bit hard to turn, but I don't know why that would cause the flow to be restricted. As I said on my first post, the cold side works fine and the hot side of the vanity has good pressure. The hot side on the tub is barely a trickle. Suggestions? It's a Central Brass faucet, if that matters and is probably over 50 years old.

SeniorSitizen 01-25-2013 03:58 PM

Sometimes bold measures need to be taken in trouble shooting. Leave the stem of the troublesome hot side out and momentarily turn the water back on to see if it will squirt to the back side of the tub.

bpress54 01-25-2013 04:46 PM

faucet woes
I will try that. What does it mean if the water does shoot out to the back of the tub? What does it mean if is does not?

SeniorSitizen 01-25-2013 05:29 PM


Originally Posted by bpress54 (Post 1101962)
I will try that. What does it mean if the water does shoot out to the back of the tub? What does it mean if is does not?

Does - the problem is between the valve seat and the faucet spout.

Does not - the problem is before valve.

bpress54 01-25-2013 05:48 PM

faucet woes
Thank you. As I said, the pressure at the vanity faucet is fine, so I'm going to assume something is lodged in the hot side between the valve seat and the tub spout.

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