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rondo 12-03-2006 11:30 AM

Faucet replacement
O.K., I've done these before but I always have to go back and forth to a hardware store, multiple times. Here's what I have, and the questions.
Last replacement I used a flex line from the faucet to my supply lines. The supply lines are 1/2" cpvc and the flex lines stated on them 1/2" Iron pipe theread and 1/2" faucet thread. I'm going to replace these, also, but I couldn't find the exact same ones. All that I saw was 1/2" FIP on both ends and I don't know what that means. Is the cpvc fitting the same as the faucet? If not, why do we have so many different thread standards? It's a pain to match things up. What is the thread standard for the cpvc and for the faucet input?

Thanks, any help is appreciated.

Ron The Plumber 12-03-2006 12:18 PM

Is there a shut off attached to this 1/2" pipe?

FIP means Female Iron Pipe, screws onto.

There is three different supply lines, 1/2" FIP x 1/2" FIP all this means is it will connect to either the faucet side or the pipe side, does not matter which side connects first.

Now if you have a shut off connected to the PVC pipe it could be a 1/2" IP connection.

rondo 12-03-2006 12:49 PM

Thanks Ron. I do have shut-offs on both the hot and cold, so the fitting should be IP. Sounds like I'll be O.K. Appreciated.

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