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boman47k 10-16-2007 09:21 PM

faucet names
How do you go about telling what kind of faucet you have in your bath/shower when there seems to be no name on them or the in-wall manifold. Redoing my bath and am having trouble finding what I need to for the bath/shower faucets. Found a remodel kit with a design I liked, but it had brass seats. My manifold does not have brass seats. I think the new kit would have connected to my old manifold but not sure if the rubber seat washers would close on the back of the manifold to shut the water off. They were big enough, but I am not sure they would not flex and allow water through when "closed". I have spent a little time for the heck of it looking for the type manifold i have in different brands with no luck so far on line. Kind of wish I had kept my old handles and flanges now. Suggestions? Are any of these old two handle manifolds marked. The stems marked?

boman47k 10-17-2007 06:39 PM

Maybe I rambled , but problem was solved ( sort of). Not the design I wanted for my handles. At least I have handles now. Price Pfishter.

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