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wopachop 03-07-2008 01:34 AM

exposing main line under concrete
hi all, first post here cant wait to learn.

i need to locate the main sewer line under a concrete slab.

can i rent a tool to do this? called a plumber he wants 300 bucks...cant blame him im sure the tool is really expensive and everyone needs to make their money.

once i do locate the pipe whats the best method to break up the concrete inside the house? ive been reading that using a saw will create mucho dusto. i can rent a jackhammer but scared about busting a line if it is not buried too deep.

if i do manage to find the main line how do i tie into it??? there wont be any play in the line to actually glue a Y onto it. do i need to use those flexible rubber couplers?

thanks fellas ive never done this :no:

Ron The Plumber 03-07-2008 01:03 PM

Jack Hammer is the best way, start at where it enters the slab and go from there. just have to take your time, you can use rubber fernco couping to tie on with.

Marlin 03-07-2008 05:59 PM

What exactly is it you're looking to do? Are the lines under your slab plastic or cast?

wopachop 03-07-2008 11:59 PM

the pipes that i can see are all abs..but i wondered if the main line was cast because this house has been remodeled before.

i gutted a downstairs bath. there is a 2nd story bath directly above that was added years ago during a remodel. they ran the sewer line outside the house, down the exterior wall, then into the ground and it finally ties into the main line in the front yard.

we wanted to get rid of the exterior abs sewer pipe and run the line down the wall in the bath a gutted, and finally tie into the main line.

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