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1forest1 03-24-2007 12:18 AM

Expense for relocating bathroom plumbing?
Hi guys, first post :)

Looking for some expert (or "done-it") opinions.

My wife has a 3,500sq ft exercise studio in Toronto (lease). Business is going well, and we want to increase the useable space. She is turning people away because its just full!
What has held us (by that i mean me) from knocking down walls to make more room is the darn bathrooms. That is where the plumbing is, so that is where the bathrooms HAVE to go... right? :(

Ive gotten over it. The bathrooms have to be moved.

Now, Ive done personal home reno, woodworking, even a bit of HVAC, but i have no idea when it comes to plumbing. Im looking for the work involved, or (gasp!) paying someone to do it.
Heres the stats:
Guys: sink, toilet, fan
Gals: sink, 2 toilets, fan

Want to move them about 30ft. Its 2nd floor of a two storey commercial building. Pretty sure the floor is slab concrete.

I guess what im asking is what would I be looking at for a pro to do that sort of work? Can you go up and over? Drains have to go down right? I would love the challenge to do it myself, but its risky when its not my property, and the work has to be done within a one-week summer shutdown.

I really have no clue as to what that would be near when we are trying to set our budget.

Any help from someone that knows the work involved would be great.

Wow, that got long.
Forest :whistling2:

majakdragon 03-24-2007 08:29 AM

You seem to have two problems with what you want to do. One is that it is a rental/lease so the owner/landlord would need to give permission. Second problem is that most commercial buildings require a licenced professional to do any work in them. This keeps them up to code and satisfys the insurance company.

1forest1 03-24-2007 01:09 PM

Landlord loves when we make improvements to his property. :) Wouldent even plan a reno without knowing we were allowed.

Why is hiring a licensed professional my second problem? My thread is asking:
"I guess what im asking is what would I be looking at for a pro to do that sort of work?"

Are there any contract plumbers on the site that could give me a ballpark, or someone who has had work like this done?


Ron The Plumber 03-24-2007 02:43 PM

No way can we give an estimate on that project, we can't see it, many factors involved, and location will have a role in it also.

1forest1 03-26-2007 06:55 PM

Thanks Ron. If I have time, maybe I can post a floorplan and some pics.
Think that would help get closer to an answer? Just looking for a ballpark as the Lady is afraid it would be near $2k, and Im of the belief it would be MUCH, MUCH less.

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