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fras_eee 10-30-2007 03:26 PM

Ensuite Bathroom
Hi all,

Okay firstly I'm new to this site but having searched the internet repeatedly this seems to have the best advice for other problems I've been having. Secondly some background is needed to explain my problem.

I've recently moved into a new house which needs a lot of renovating work done to it. So far my dad and I have done a great job and have done all the elecrtical and gas work and fitted a new kitchen. Looks ace!! Anyway one of the up and coming jobs I have is to fit an ensuite bathroom into a room that is off my master bedroom. The room is big enough for a double shower, Sink and Toilet with plenty of room left over. My real problem is getting the waste out!!

The drain sits at the other side of the house and the house is a mid-terrace, therefore the only access to the wall where I can run wastage out is through a walkway which I am not allowed to run pipes through.

A possible solution I have thought on is to raise the floor of the ensuite to run all the waste and pipes to the far end of the ensuite then down one side of the master bedroom where it can then go down into a cupboard below and out where the exiting WC is. A lot of work involved there I know and the pipes would be boxed in in the bedroom but at a higher height so that a makeshift shelf is created.

Is this a realistic solution?

My dad is a plumber so he can advise me of drops etc for pipes and stuff but I have no idea where to begin in raising the floor approximately 2 foot higher!

Any suggestions?

ron schenker 10-30-2007 04:21 PM

What about the vent stack?

jogr 11-01-2007 10:55 AM

I don't really understand your situation. Are you saying that you cannot run the new drain either between or below the existing floor joists to reach the existing drain and maintain the proper slope? Is it possible to put in a sewage ejector basin and pump so that you can pump it to a location where you can properly drain it to the existing drain.

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