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moneymgmt 05-01-2007 02:49 PM

Electric tankless water heaters; any experiences?
I have a VERY small house, and a staircase is being built where the current hot water heater is. I've got a crawl space and no utility room so I'm looking to save space. Does anyone have experience with electric tankless hot water heaters?

I know they pull a ton of power but I've got 60amps to spare which is about what I figure I'll need. Any feedback would be great!

mikim 05-01-2007 03:35 PM

I've got a Titan that I like -- but it's new -- haven't used it a lot. I have it in a very small weekend place for just me & the wife. Found it online.

bjr23 05-08-2007 09:33 AM

Electric Tankless water heater
I have buddy that's electrician and I asked him about those and here's his reply. You have just not want a tank style in the worst way. The cost to install the extra heavy service and the heavy new breaker are prohibitivly expensive. The electric tankless heater require massive electricity. Natural gas tankless heater is another story. bjr23

moneymgmt 05-08-2007 09:44 AM

br: Thanks for giving me the advice from your friend, I appreciate it. In my situation, the good news is I already have the power and breaker space necessary; the bad news is with the remodel I'm doing I can't fit a tank heater anywhere. I'm really looking to see if the electric tankless heaters are effective comparable to the gas fired ones in small homes. Thanks again!

mikim 05-08-2007 10:18 AM

The Titan I have is advertised to be a "whole house heater" .... jury still out ... but it is 56amp (I have it on a 50amp breaker) and it works well in my shower. My thought is - you can always get a 110v unit as a booster at POU (point of use) if need be. But I think it may do better than I expect. I'm naturally a pessimist.

boomer0369swife 05-12-2007 01:05 AM

I was about to ask almost the same thing....
We are in escrow on a "fixer" in the southern cali desert. Electric is expensive and the 20 gal elect tank that is in there now will NEVER do. We need alot of hot water. We were going to replace with LP 50 gal, but the first estimate I got made me :eek: because we would have to run the gas line around the other side of the house to get to the only place to put one. I found the LP tankless and thought that might be a great alternative since it would take up less space. We could just put it closer to where the LP lines come in and reverse where the hot water comes from because there is a bathroom right there also. Gosh, did that even make sense? I bet you guys hate it when a chic comes in here and doesn't know the Anywho, my husband deploys soon after we get moved in and I will be piddling with alot of things while he is gone.....please advise :help:

clasact 05-15-2007 05:53 AM

let me put my 2 cents worth in here I have a large home and am doing a complete renovation had gas water heater and replaced it with tank less heaters I put in 3.One for the kitchen,one for upstairs bath and one for down full and half bath.SO far and its been about 8 months now all is great.I had an electrician Friend do the the wiring but I had the power and breaker space already.Through the winter I saw minimal drop in water temp. but great saving on my gas bill (about 35-40% reduction) electric bill only went up about 30 bucks a month so am very pleased since their are 5 of us in the house and do alto of cooking also which means alto of cleanup too.I got mine on the INTERNET and saved big over what Lowe's and HD wanted for the same they dont take much room at all mine are mounted on the wall so imo they are right up their with pex pipe cant beat it

moneymgmt 05-15-2007 07:59 AM

Clasact: can you tell me where you bought yours, what you run off of each one and what size each is? The ones I'm finding are, at minimum, 50 amps each and that is a whole lot of power to be running if you have 3! Are any of them point-of-use? Thanks, I appreciate it!

clasact 05-15-2007 09:33 AM

it sounds to me as you are looking at whole house units .I didnt want to run short on hot water anywhere so I did go more of a point of use each one only dose one room for the most part(one works the main down bath and a small half bath) .One for the kitchen runs 2 sinks and dishwasher plus washing mechin ones for up and down bath each run seperate showers ,tub,and double sinks.They are made by Titan model SCR-2 only 10x7x2.75 inches I got them on ebay from a company called Tankless hotwater heaters and more look for chuck I got them for 180.00 each.They are wired in on 220 with 40 amp breakers (30 amp is required).They come with mounting brackets and conection for copper pipe and were shipped to me within 24 hr.I just ran the recomended 36 inches of copper then back to my pex pipe ,three 4 foot section of wire and all was working in about 2.5 hr time.So 540 for the heaters about 50 bucks in pipe and wire and a few beers for a friend to save so far about 800 to 1000 on my gas bill if I can be of any more help let me know

moneymgmt 05-15-2007 09:42 AM

Awesome thanks! To confirm, you have one running to each bathroom, and one to the washer + kitchen = 3 units, each at 40amps.

Ok, next question, where did you put them? Are they at the main water supply where your hot water tank used to be, or are they each in the room they supply? If they're in the room they supply I'm wondering about running that much 220 wire?

I really like the point-of-use idea, now placement of each unit is on my mind...... I have 1 bathroom on each floor and 1 kitchen (remember, VERY small house though... 1100sf total).

clasact 05-15-2007 09:50 AM

I just put them on the wall where the old water tank used to be so I only had to run short amounts of wire plus I already had plumbing going to each room from that point any way so I just split off the main cold water line into each unit and feed it out where I wanted it to go.Oh heres another advantage they qualify for an energy deduction at tax time

moneymgmt 05-15-2007 10:06 AM

Ok, that's what I had in my head, doing them all from the same point. How much room do they take up in total? I know this is asking quite a bit, but any chance you have a picture? My electrical box is near where I want to put them on the wall so it sounds like I'll have a set up very similar to yours! Last question, are they very noisy? Thank you oh so much!

boomer0369swife 05-15-2007 10:26 AM

Thanks so much!
Good info to know.........'preciate cha!!!:thumbsup: x 2

clasact 05-15-2007 10:31 AM

sorry no pics at this time but they are only 10x7 inches so figure they take up about 3.5-4 ft on the wall with connections but only stick out from the wall 3 inches and that all 3 not like a big round bulky tank.No real noise at all they are electric so you dont have a burnner kicking on when you demand hot water

clasact 05-15-2007 10:36 AM

let me add one thing here though I did put a filter on each one also we have well water with a lot of sediment so didnt want any of that clogging them up over a short time dont know your exact situation so I just thought I would let you know always happy to help when I can

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