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DiegoJames 08-05-2012 04:20 PM

Elasticity during curing of PV7 epoxy paste
This question could go in a number of forums and is not specific to any of them. This is my question: When during a 24 hour curing period would be the best time to exert some heavy settling pressure on some PV7 epoxy paste. Clawfoot legs to my tub fit and support the tub but just don't lock in so need to be bonded with this paste. The paste will not be expected to hold the structural weight of the tub, but only to keep the feet in place in the moment of moving the tub or lifting the tub while setting up bathroom. However, moving tub from elevated position to full weight on legs after epoxy paste bonding of the legs will potentially exact a small shift to the materials in the bond. How late in curing process can I go to gain maximum bonding and with a remainder of some elasticity?

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