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dug (bored) water well problems

I live in Canada and have lived in a home for 5 years now that is approx. 30 years old. Our well is the same age and is a dug (bored) well now sits at 42 (not sure the original dug depth) feet deep and it has a galvanized casing. Since we’ve moved in we’ve had a lot of sediment in our big blue sediment filter (10"x4" 5 micron) and have had to change them more than others on our street who have wells. We raised the pump up 2 years ago to 3 ft from the bottom as it was stuck in some mud/sediment at the bottom of the well. It fixed the problem for a short while but more sediment came back and our water started to turn a tinge of yellow. We raised the pump again 2 weeks ago but it was not stuck in any mud but certainly the pump and piping had a lot of orange sediment on it and in the pipe. Even after raising it we still have sediment and our water colour is a stronger yellow, bordering on orange when it first gets pumped into the pressure tank and after running for a while it slowly turns clearer but still yellow. Our sediment filter is getting clogged in 1 week when it used to have to be changed every 4 months. We had our water tested for iron and there were no significant traces of it, at least not enough to turn it colour so they say. We are not getting any assurances on what it could be. Some say it could be rust from the galvanized liner, others say the liner could have disintegrated and sediment is entering the well, others say it is due to a fine silt sediment that is churning at the bottom and do to the nature of the soil (soil is brown/red clay) in the area causing sediment to enter and our water to turn colour too and others are convinced it is iron. Our options given to us by one plumbing/pumping company are 1. to have the well drained, cleaned out and put in new piping (which when the pump was raised and they pulled out the pump there was a thick but fine sediment orange residue on the outside and inside of the pipe). 2. Dig a new well 3. Put in a cistern. From the information given, any thoughts on what it could be? Thanks


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Many,many years ago when I was a teenager I helped clean out a hand dug well in Mexico. The problem was similar to yours. The well was caving-- washing in and we had to lower the "fill" in the bottom. The pipes you have may be disintegrating after all these years causing the yellow/orange stains but it sounds more like the clay sediment. I would try lowering the bottom of the well. My reasoning is the need to keep raising the pump. Would it be possible to screen the bottom section to control the wash in?


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Well Sediment!

Most dug or bored wells in the USA don't have a galvanised casing. By your description, I suspect this was/is a large diameter well with a smaller diameter installed inside with the pump installed inside it. This casing may be setting close to the silt in the well bottom. Raising the pump in this case wouldn't help much.

I suggest that you find someone qualified to clean this well by removing the pump and installing another temporary casing in the large diameter bored or dug well and clean it by running an air line to near the bottom of the temporary casing and connect it to a large air compressor. By continously dropping the temporary casing while blowing will remove the silt from the bottom of the well. This has worked for me over the years.

Please understand I am only going by what I perceive the well constructionto be!

Porky Cutter, MGWC
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