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sillyrabbit71 08-15-2011 09:38 PM

Dropped Drill Bit into Hot Water Tank
So I was trying insert a Tank Saver anode rod through the Hot water outlet and I encountered a lip at the bottom of the threads that the anode wouldn't slip past. After contacting the anode manufacturer I determined that I needed a 29/32" drill bit to properly widen the opening. I didn't have one and it was too late on a Friday to go find one, so I tried using a 7/8" and just kept rotating it around the lip evenly. Well, in the process of doing that, the bit came loose from the drill and fell into the hot water heater. So now the question is, what damage will that cause if any? Will it just slowly rust away over time? Will it eat a hole in the glass lining? Will it affect the water (taste or chunks of rust)?

Do I just leave it alone or turn the tank upside down and shake it til it comes out (just kidding... i hope)?

biggles 08-15-2011 09:57 PM

empty the tank remove the drain off and with a strong magnet you catch the bit........OR..... drain it and remove the cold line or the rod and tie a magnet to a string and go fishing the tank is fiberglass so the bit should be easy to snag... don't know what the gas valve thermostat probe is made of keep that in mind

ddawg16 08-15-2011 11:40 PM

Attach a magnet to a stick.

The tank is going to be concave at the bottom...drill bit most likely landed there.....should be pretty easy to get out.

Not that it would do any damage....I just wouldn't want to waste a good drill bit.

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