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chopster 05-06-2006 11:00 AM

draining a system

I am in the middle of draining a heating system, and the drain off is under the boiler. This means that it is above the ground floor radiators. I am doing this because I need to change the upstairs radiator and valves

Problem is the water is coming out in a slow trickle and has been for the past few hours. I am sure it doesn't take that long to drain the system. I have tied up the ballcock in the F&E tank and opened the bleed valves on the upstairs radiators

All the thermos are set to off and the boiler is off (following the instructions inside it for turning off for long periods) and I am sitting around waiting for the water to stop (I don't think it has finsihed draining upstairs yet as when I open the downstairs bleedvalves water still comes running out.)

Is there a way to speed things up? (I have visions of this taking all night)

If not, am I right in thinking that once the water level drops lower than the boiler, it won't drain off any more as there is nothing to pump it upwards to the drain off point. And if this is true, will I be able to change the upstairs rad and valves with only half the system drained

Please help, the wife is close to killing me for wasting a day


fyfin 05-06-2006 02:23 PM

drain off
There should be a drain off valve on the lower floor somewhere, possibly off on of the rads. However, once the level drops below the boiler there should be no problem.


redline 05-06-2006 04:08 PM

Is this a steam system or a hot water baseboard system?

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