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butchbs1985 06-08-2011 09:46 PM

Drain Tile??? Maybe / Maybe not
- I have a sump in my basement with one pipe probably 1-1/2" diameter entering it.
- Two floor drains in the basement that DON'T drain in to the sump apparently (found this out tonight).
- Sewer is about 2' above the floor so the drains don't go there either.
- Outside I have a vertical 10" clay pipe that I found out today is where the 1-1/2" pipe comes from.

I'm not sure what is at the bottom of the clay pipe. I pumped it out dropped a waterproof camera down there today and it looks like it's wider in diameter at the bottom of the pipe. The 1-1/2" pipe that leads to the sump inside the house looks to be about 2' higher than the bottom of the pipe / pit.

1. What do I have here? Seems that if it were drain tile it wouldn't be deeper than the sump inside.
2. Where do you think the drains in my floor go to? Just below the slab? I can't imagine that's smart. Any ideas to figure out where they go? I figure I can rent one of the infrared cameras from Home Depot and at least get a view of the area around the drains.

I'm trying to find out my situation as I am going to need to install a radon mitigation system and was hoping that I had interior drain tile to use for my mitigation system.


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