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mark2741 12-16-2009 09:30 AM

Drain Pipe about 20 Inches to the right of Vanity Sink
I want to replace a 48" bathroom vanity and sink. The original vanity/sink was installed when the house was built back in 1970, and is very short in height (great for my little kids, but not so much for everyone else).

The sink sits into the right-hand side of the vanity counter, and directly below it, coming out of the floor, are the two water supply lines and a drain pipe.

A trip to Home Depot and Lowes yesterday reveals that the only stock vanity countertops all have the sink placement in the center. And to add to this, the right-hand side of each of the stock cabinets all have drawers (3 of them, vertical) on the right-hand side where the existing drain pipe is.

So, is the solution to cut the drain pipe down to just a 'stub' (a few inches from the floor) and then route PVC pipe, just a few inches above the floor and to the left to get to the center of the vanity and then up to where the sink is?

I'm no plumber obviously. I've sweated some angle valves and changed out the other vanitys in my house without problem though.

I want to do this 'right' but as inexpensively as possible, because I'm selling the house soon.

Bondo 12-16-2009 09:56 AM

Ayuh,... Do what ya gotta do, with PVC...
It's Cheap, Easy,+ code compliant...

Anti-wingnut 12-16-2009 10:32 AM

Yes, it is common in commercial work, where piping locations are often constrained by complications of the building structure, to run pipe in the toe-kicks under cabinets or in the rear portion of cabinets. The latter may require shortening of the drawers.

A second alternative may be custom cabs. Depending on a variety of things, a cabinet shop may be "in the ball park", or much more expensive than the junk you're going to buy from the big boxes

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