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MrMrsSip 11-20-2008 07:52 PM

Drain Pipe

Mr Sip has occasionally had to rent a medium duty electric auger to clear the toilet drain. He went from outside thru the 4" cleanout pipe in and also taken the toilet stool up and went from inside to outside. The last time he did this we suceeded in opening the clog but the water flow wasn't as near good as should be. What got our attention is we saw thru both cleanouts that the toilet water was flowing thru both outside drain pipes. Before this the bathtub and sink drained thru one pipe and the toilet thru another line. We wonder what happened there. Any ideas?

Since we did not get the water flowing thru very well we knew we were going to be tackling it again soon. Well today we are back at it. The 3/8" cable with an end knife is now stuck in the pipe. It won't move one way or the other, just kinks the cable. We waited a 1/2 hour or so hoping it would relax but did not. Any suggestions?

Our drain pipe is clay pipe. Seems we heard once that you could place new pipe inside old pipe and let the old pipe collaspe in time instead of digging up the whole place. Anyone heard of that? I guess it may not work for us though because we are on a slab. Wonder if we could just cut out the section of slab we need and repour the concrete?

Thanks Mrs Sip.

majakdragon 11-21-2008 11:32 AM

There are now companies that do "trenchless drains". It is a plastic sleeve that is snaked into the existing line. Not sure if it would cure all of your problems since you have two drainlines. This application does not allow for any teeing in the line.

zosoplumber 11-21-2008 05:46 PM

I go with dragon, the process you refer to is for sewer lines outside of the house where there are no wyes or tee's just a straight shot to your sewer tap, i would chip up the concrete, find the problem area, cut it out, and replace with pvc using two no hub bands.:thumbup:

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