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Texas Toast 09-22-2009 08:49 AM

Drain Leak Causing Slab Problems?
I put a test ball down the clear out at the front of the house,pumped it, and filled the drain line.It does not hold and is draining at the rate of 2-4 gallons a minute by my best estimate.It's not getting by the test ball as I can look down the other clear out and see dry pipe. So...I guess I have a leak. The reason I did the test is that the guy from the company that did foundation repair two years ago says the front of the house has raised a half to almost an inch in spots. The front door has gotten almost inpossible to lock,the drywall is cracking on the ceiling and the roof has developed ridge lines.This all seems to support the idea of the house raising at the front except that the door jamb is sinking as to be harder to lock. I'm not sure what to do next.Call a professional plumber,get a camera ran up the pipe? Believe the foundation man? When I observe through the clear out after turning on water it seems to drain nicely.Could enough water leak from a non pressurized pipe leak to affect my slab that badly? I also can't help but wonder and hope just what insurance may pay for.I should add that water consumption has not increased and I don't hear water running so I don't believe there is a leak on the pressurized side.Advice sure would be appreciated.

plumber Jim 09-22-2009 09:37 AM

Well, If you are sure you plugged the clean-out down stream of any other drains and it is draining then you could try having a plumbers run a camera. If its bad enough he will see it on the camera.

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