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denemante 11-01-2011 12:31 PM

drain hose for new dishwasher -doesn't match old one?
Hey all,

I just bought a new dishwasher. On the old dishwasher, the drain line came through the cabinet side and under the sink. There, down low and off the main sink drain that exits the bottom of the cabinet - was a dedicated drain hookup for the dishwasher. It has its own P-trap, and is the same thickness as the rest of the sink drains (I think 2.5 inch black PVC).

However, on the top of this dedicated drain is a cap, and sticking ouf of that is a 1/2 inch ribbed fitting.

The old dishwasher drain line - it fit tight onto that 1/2 fitting (it's a push-on rubber deal then was clamped). But my new drain line - it's a 1 incher - so the drain line part is too big.

So I unscrewed the 1/2 fitting out the top of that drain, and replaced with a 1 inch. Now my new dishwasher drain line fits nicely snug - and I plan to affix it with an automotive clamp.

Any problem is doing this? My one concern is that this fitting I've changed - it will be going from 1 inch down to 1/2 inch - I fear it might create a bottleneck of sorts at that point as drain water flows through.

Any thoughts?

oh'mike 11-01-2011 12:57 PM

You will be fine---1/2" drain ports are frequently used without an issue.

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