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steve1234 11-19-2007 02:10 PM

Drain clean out requirements
I'm looking for some information on the drain clean out requirements for my remodel.

I am moving a kitchen sink and adding a wetbar sink. The main sewer line runs straight down the center of our house. The new kitchen sink is approx 17' from the main sewer line and that drain will hit the main sewer line at 90 degrees (using a combo wye). So there is a sanitary T at the wall for the sink drain. A vertical drop through the floor to a 90 which turns the line horizontal to run to the main sewer line where it connects with a combo wyw. The vertical leg of the sanitary T runs strait up through the roof for the vent.

The bar sink drain will hit the main line at 45 degrees on an approx 7 foot run. Same deal with a sanitary T in the wall, vertical leg down through the floor to a 90 turning the run horizontal were it hits the main drain line at a 45 degree angle (wye). The veritical leg of the sanitary T goes up for the vent , but not straight. There are a few bends so the roof penetration is in a better spot.

The house is a single story (in california) with a crawl space and all the drain lines are run horizontal in the crawl space (with proper drop).

What are the clean-out requirements for the new drain lines?

scrapiron 11-19-2007 09:45 PM

I don't know whats required but if it was me I'd want one where you go from vertical to horizontal.

That one Guy 11-20-2007 11:06 PM

Yeah use a combination wye and 1/8th bend with a cleanout on the backside like mentioned above. Most Drain cleaners wont use it though, they will just run a snake from the tee in the wall or from the roof vent.

instal a cleanout for every horizontal change of direction more than 135 degrees

12" of clearance in front of the cleanout for 2" or smaller

Basic requirments I can think of right now

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