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katmandu 07-08-2006 09:27 PM

dismantling a commercial toilet
can the toilet be taken out without turning off the water throughout the entire house?

Mike Swearingen 07-09-2006 01:20 AM

IF it has a water supply shut-off valve at the wall or floor behind/below the tank. Otherwise, you will need to turn off the main.
If it doesn't have its own shut-off valve, install one after you turn the water main off, and then turn the rest of the house back on. If it's copper supply line, you can use a compression valve without soldering anything.
All fixture supply lines, hot and cold, should have their own shut-off valves.
Also, a toilet has a built-in trap, so if you temporarily remove it, stuff a rag into the closet bend pipe (flange) to prevent sewer gas from entering.
Good Luck!

katmandu 07-09-2006 03:27 PM

removal of commercial toilet
Thanks for the quick reply. But I want to make sure you are aware that this is a commercial toilet - it doesn't have a water valve at the base. Thanks again:)

Ron The Plumber 07-09-2006 07:15 PM

Is this a sloan flush valve, where there is no tank?

Ron The Plumber 07-09-2006 07:25 PM

Does it look like this

katmandu 07-09-2006 10:18 PM

there isn't a tank - it looks similar to the picture

Ron The Plumber 07-09-2006 10:22 PM

There is a shut off there, look under the crome cap, right side of valve, it's a screwdriver stop under the cap, turn it clockwise, then hit the handle to make sure it shut off.

katmandu 07-09-2006 11:24 PM

Can the sloan valve be left connected to the water supply coming out of the wall & the toilet fixture disconnected from the sloan valve & removed so that tile can be layed & then the fixture put back & reconnected back to the sloan valve unit thus allowing the water supply to the rest of the house to be left on while the tiling takes place?

Ron The Plumber 07-10-2006 07:10 AM

Yes it can, as a matter of fact, as long as you don't hit the handle you can disconnect it from the vaccum breaker just below the valve it's self, thats the nut seen midway on the valve, once unscrewed at that point it should become clear on the rest of the removal.

katmandu 07-15-2006 05:15 PM

Thanks, Ron, for the great help. It is appreciated.:thumbsup:

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