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operagost 05-10-2010 12:56 PM

Dishwasher plumbing adaptors
We just pulled out our old dishwasher, and the slightly-used replacement is ready to go. Unfortunately, we ran into two problems:

1. The drain pipe end was cut down to 5/8, but our garbage disposal needs 3/4.
2. The old dishwasher had its hot water fitting on the right side, but the new one has it on its left. It's closer, but the water line is flexible copper instead of braided steel and I'm afraid we'd kink it if we tried to make the two turns to line it up.

I don't have most of the plumbing tools I'd need, and it's been decades since helped my dad with a little plumbing work, so I'd rather not cut down the hot water line and sweat on a new fitting. In addition, I'd rather keep the existing drain line and slap on an adapter if it's possible so I don't have to disturb that. Is any of this feasible? I was thinking of going to a plumbing supply and see if they can make up adapters for both of these.

Just Bill 05-11-2010 06:03 AM

The braided lines offer the most flexibility for connections. Check Sharkbite fittings at plumbing supply or home stores, there might be one that works. No soldering needed. New drain lines are also available.

Alan 05-11-2010 09:12 AM

You probably won't get a sharkbite for a 3/8 soft copper...... I wouldn't do that as a permanent solution anyway, not to mention it isn't going to solve your problem.

There SHOULD be no sweating involved. Each end of the copper flex line should have a compression adapter on them. If you can get the line cut to the approximate length you need, you should have no problems..

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