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racer220 11-04-2011 04:31 PM

Dishwasher aerator question. Any info would help.
I have tried searching for info on this, but can't seem to find a thread that talks about it. Does anyone have knowledge of the dishwasher aerators that are installed on sink tops? My prior house had been remodeled and included one, and the house we just had built had one installed. Both units leaked profusely when the dishwasher drained, and in both cases I have just bypassed the drain hose straight into the garbage disposal. I tried to attribute it to a flow problem from the disposal needing to be run, but even with a completely brand new system the water did not flow properly through the unit (not very fun cleaning up tons of water all over brand new cabinets :furious: ).

I have researched the 'functionality' of them, and both have appeared to be installed correctly but still just shot water all over the place. I have also been told that it is some kind of new HUD requirement to have them in new construction. The 'Quality Control' manager from our house contractor didn't even know what the real function of it was. Any advice/info/comments/solutions from anyone with the same experience would be great. Currently looking for something to fill the huge hole drilled into my sink for nothing. Thanks


edit: In our prior home I purchased a new aerator kit and installed per specs only to have the same result as the old unit. I still have a high point in the drain line. I have had no issues on either dishwasher after bypassing the drain hose straight to the disposal.

TheEplumber 11-04-2011 08:26 PM

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I think you're talking about an DW air gap. They can have issues and lot of areas require them per their plumbing codes. We don't, so we do as you did except we loop the discharge hose up to the underside side of the counter top(secured in some fashion) and then down to the disposal. This will break the siphon of the discharge line.
As for your hole- buy a soap dispenser for it. The wife will love it.

racer220 11-04-2011 09:48 PM

Thanks for the reply. It is looped btw, so it sounds like I should be in good shape. I just find it irritating that it's required, yet each one I've had does nothing but create an enormous mess to clean up every time the DW cycles. Kudos on the dispenser idea, I will have to find one that will match.

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