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Digging out sewer pipe under central AC

So I'm probably going to need my sewer pipe dug up and replaced, because it's in really bad shape.

This isn't really a DIY question, because I'll be hiring someone for this job (getting a few estimates this week), but just a general question.

I was dismayed to find that, according to my calculations, my outdoor central AC unit is almost directly over my sewer pipe, which I would imagine will complicate having it dug out.

How is this usually handled? Can I expect the cost to skyrocket even further?


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They will usually place brackets under it, so it sits on those when the ground is dug out.

What makes you think that the main waste line needs completely dug up?


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Originally Posted by gregzoll View Post
What makes you think that the main waste line needs completely dug up?
I had a sewer scope inspection done, and the inside of it is in really bad shape.

It is rotted and the flow is severely restricted due to dirt and crap building up. It's a 43 year old cast iron pipe. It's only ten feet or so, the rest is all newer PVC from when the house was converted to town sewer in the '90s.

I had one estimate yesterday for the job, I'm getting one more today and another tomorrow. In the meantime I'm terrified that the line is going to collapse and back up my basement with sewage.
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Possible to leave the old pipe in the ground and just run a new pipe around your hvac unit?
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Worst case, you could just have an HVAC company come disconnect it, then come back and hook it all up. Shouldn't be more than a couple hundred $$$s? They'll just pump the refrigerant back into the unit while it's disconnected so it's not like you'll have to pay for that.

I had it done for ~$175 during a major project when I needed it out of the way. Not sure where you're located, but I would assume you don't need it this time of year. Maybe you could handle getting it moved before they get there to dig?
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