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nibeck 04-22-2007 11:31 AM

Did I ruin toilet/vent after installing sink???
OK, let me see if I can describe this well enough to get some help.

We have a half bath (toilet and sink) on the first floor. This bathroom backs up to our garage. In the garage, on the same wall as the bathroom, I wanted to install a utility (laundry) sink. I pulled down the drywall in the garage to expose the 2" drain line from the bathroom sink. I installed waste tee in that line, and ran 2" pipe over to utility sink. I essentially tied into the existing sink drain line for the utility sink drain. No vent specifically for the utility sink, I'm "sharing" the bathroom sink vent.

Now, utility sink works fine, drains no problem, etc, etc. Almost immediately after installing this set-up, two of our toilets stopped flushing. Water would just hang out in the toilet and drain very slowly. Dumping big 5 gallon bucket of water into toilet did not cause a "flush" water still drained very slowly.

Could my new install somehow of effected the ability for my toilets to drain?


NateHanson 04-22-2007 12:32 PM

Can you draw a little sketch showing the vent stack, the toilet drains, and the two sinks, and where it all hooks up to eachother?

Any chance you stuck a rag in a drain somewhere when you were installing the new drain Tee, and forgot to take it out? Are the other drains slow? If you dump a 5g bucket of water in the utility sink or other sinks in the house, do they drain slowly too?

DannyT 09-05-2012 03:40 PM

if nothing went down the pipe when you had it open it should have no effect on the toilets.

TheEplumber 09-05-2012 04:14 PM

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Are the 2 toilets back to back or is one some distance away?
Like DannyT said, it should have no affect on the toilets.

wkearney99 09-06-2012 07:07 AM

Are the toilets coming down through the same waste line? Are you certain you plumbed in your extension properly? As in, you added a wye, leaving the existing flow capable of running as before?

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