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lnba 08-23-2009 02:27 PM

delta tub faucet leak
our delta dual handle tub faucet continues to leak cold water.
we have changed the seat, spring, as well as stem unit on the cold side.
the leak persists.
what else could be causing the leak?

Mike Swearingen 08-24-2009 04:10 AM

It may well just be leaking through slightly corroded threads of the seat. Take the seat out and wrap a flat wrap or two of teflon tape around the threads and see if that doesn't stop it.
Good Luck!

Just Bill 08-24-2009 06:11 AM

Check the ball, they wear out or become grooved, or get scratched from debris in the pipes. And there is a tension adjustment in the ball cap, a large plascti washer with 4 notches in it. Tightening it, CW, puts more pressure on the cone washer.

lnba 08-24-2009 03:33 PM

delta tub faucet leak
Thanks for suggestions...
the seat is rubber, so did you mean put teflon tape around the rubber piece?
also, as it has two handles, there is no ball within, unless I am mistaken?

Mike Swearingen 08-25-2009 02:27 AM

I'm not sure about your Delta, but most two-handle tub faucets have a stem with a rubber washer on the end that seals against a screwed in metal seat. That's what I was thinking about.
A Delta single-handle has a ball that can be adjusted against rubber seats on springs.
Don't know how yours is set up. Can you describe it a little more?

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