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rtrinkle 12-06-2011 08:50 AM

Delta Bath Faucet Leaks
Hello everyone,

The other day the tub spout in the shower started to drip from the spout area. After unscrewing it from the copper pipe/thread combo that originally came with the house, I noticed the cheap manufacturing of the spout did not allow for the O-ring to be replaced without completely disassembling the spout and breaking it.

I went to the local home improvement store to buy an aftermarket spout to hook onto the copper piping coming out of the wall. This new spout stopped the leaking from where the water comes out, but started leaking once I activated the shower and there was pressure put behind the spout. This leaking came from the back of the spout and dripped through the wall causing a very wet carpet and slightly wet drywall - yuck!:eek:

After reading some reviews, I determined the leak was from a cut O-ring or a cracked plastic piece that slid over the pipe. I decided to replace it with a name brand Delta spout which was a slip on model.

To install this, I first lightly sanded/filed the copper pipe to make sure there were no shards which would cut the oring while slipping on the new spout. I got the copper pipe wet/soapy to slip on the new spout. After tightening the set screw, the same issue happened when turning on the shower. Leaking from the back of the spout near where the set screw is at.

After examining the copper pipe, I noticed it has some indents near where the oring would sit. These look like the previous owner really wrenched down on the set screw creating an oddly formed copper pipe. I have included some pictures to show what I am talking about. To troubleshoot, I move the spout closer to the end of the copper pipe where there were no indents and the spout worked fine. The only time it leaks is when the oring sits over the indents -- I'm assuming.The only problem with this is the spout sits about an inch away from the wall.

Any (cheap) way to repair the indents on the copper pipe? I was thinking of throwing some solder down and relatively smoothing out the pipe. Any thoughts?:(

New plastic piece:
New Delta spout that piece fits onto:
Damaged copper pipe:


rtrinkle 12-13-2011 07:24 AM

I have caulked around the copper pipe but have yet to place the faucet back on. Seems like a temporary fix to a problem, however.

joecaption 12-13-2011 07:29 AM

Why not just remove that pipe and replace it?

rtrinkle 12-13-2011 07:44 AM

I was not under the impression that pipe was easily removable. Does that copper pipe just unscrew? For some reason I thought the copper pipe would be soldered/welded into some kind of joint. I do not have access to the pipes behind the wall as the shower/bath shell is attached to the sheet rock.

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