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Padge 12-01-2010 10:11 PM

Deep Well ; Plumbing Sequence ?
Hello,.. new member here, glad to be here.. hope someone can help....
I want to place a Micronizer AND a Holding WELLMATE holding Tank (HP7 I believe) in front of the Bladder Pressure Tank . I'm trying to eliminate the excess air that has been in my water lines and hot water tank when opening faucets and showers and receiving a blast of air, loss of pressure, you name it ! The Micronizer and Holding tank are for Sulfer Smell removal from my deep well .. prior to this, the micronizer was before the pressure tank and the WELLMATE holding tank was after . I have concluded that if the WELLMATE tank loses it's function, then water still flows thru the 3/4" pipes to get to the pressure tank so no issue with pump burn up.... and if the previous plumbers had put the micronizer in front of the pressure tank, then nothing's changing there ! So my thoughts are that the micronizer will do it's job, the WELLMATE holding tank will get to do it's job, and the thruput will go to the Pressure Tank and the switch will continue to work as normal. When I initially drained the pressure tank , there was enough air in there to make the exit hose I had attached look like a lost firehose ! Air and water shot all over the garage for about 20 seconds or so ? I fugure the micronizer was forcing way to much air into solution and it was getting trapped in my pressure tank ? Thoughts ?

immeraufdemhund 12-02-2010 11:41 PM

that and maybe your losing some of your water from siphon. Do you have any back-flow preventers or any check valves?

Padge 12-03-2010 06:41 AM

My understanding is the submersible pump definitely has a check valve. I don't see any loss of pressure on the pressure guage that would indicate back flow . From my initial thoughts though, do you think putting the WELLMATE holding tank in front of the pressure tank to capture the micronizer produced gas escapes is an ok scenario ?

immeraufdemhund 12-03-2010 09:20 PM

see if the diagram at the end of that article helps... or if the article helps

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