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Bob Funk 03-01-2010 12:13 AM

creating new shower floor/ slope???
My lady friend and I are gutting our bathroom and are planning on installing a new mosaic shower enclosure and floor.
The old design had a glass enclosed shower with the standard injection molded plastic shower floor(pan?) with glass walls for a shower enclosure next to a fiberglass jacuzzi tub.
We have removed the tub and now have about 3x5 feet of bare concrete next to the shower. there is a10x14" hole cut into the concrete slab for the drain for the old tub. Our next step is to remove the shower enclosure and the plastic shower pan. We plan to do an ocean motif mosaic for the shower enclosure and floor, with a large shower floor "sea bed" that then fades into a 'beach" and then "sand " that blends in with the rest of the bathroom floor. We have spent a lot of thought on the color and design of these tiles.
We plan on using the existing piping from the shower and the tub and have 2 drains in our "seabed" for the water to go down .
MY BIG worry is now I'm looking at aprox 3x8 foot area of flat concrete which will have these 2 holes for drains and I realized what slope do I need for good drainage and how an I going to get it??
My first thought was to build up a lip with thinset or some other cement/mortar mix and slope it into the drain holes that will be left from the tub and shower
However, She does NOT want to have something built up above the existing bathroom floor ( this has ~3/8" of tile on it) and i figure the tile we lay will bring the newly exposed bare cement up level with this tile.
I'm guessing that this is a 4" thick concrete slab floor that I'm looking at.
Can I just take a concrete saw and chisel and grind/ saw a slope in the concrete? do i have to put down any special underlay? water barrier? special concrete? so far I have heard 1/4" per foot slope is needed so I figure on cutting away no more than 3/4" deep at the center. Is there a minimum thickness of concrete slab? Will I be compromising the structural integrity of the house? Can i just put thinset straight down on the newly ground cement? will it need sealing?
Am I just plain nuts??
This is on the ground floor and there is nothing but about 8" dirt and then solid limestone
Any professional opinions would be valued.
thanks in advance

oh'mike 03-01-2010 06:20 AM

Shower Construction Info (a collection of posts) - Ceramic Tile Advice Forums - John Bridge Ceramic Tile

Here is the place to start. You have some research to do-----Cement is not water proof,A membrane of some kind must be used.

I hope this is a starting point for you.figure out the pitch you need--My guess is you will have to remove the existing concrete and rework the drains (2' is required for a shower)

Post pictures if you can -----Mike---

houseinthewoods 03-01-2010 04:22 PM

Several of the DIY TV programs have used the Schluter shower system. It's a pre-sloped base and membrane system that gives you a completely waterproof shower. The basic product has a curb, so it might not please your designer.

If you have the horsepower to grind the concrete floor to the proper slope, I suspect you could still use the Kerdi membrane to make it completely waterproof.

I would think that an unprotected concrete shower stall would wick water up into the framing for several feet around it.

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