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Contractor Screwup on sis's Shower Drain and seat.

How much space do I have on this one. LOL Not really funny though. A contractor installed a new travertine tile in my sister's house.

The tile is full of holes not filled in and is now getting bacteria/mold in holes, secondly the bench that was installed is a simple 2by4 box frame installed in the back of the shower with only the 1/4 tile overlay on it. and now is leaking through the grout work on the tile itself. The faucets were installed loose as she got another plumber to install them right at a great cost, now here is the real kicker of everything, everyone ready for this one.

The drain cover for the newly formed shower floor is cemented all around it. There is no screws to take drain up at all. Now, of course since new piping, (not sure if done right) was installed it is clogged the heck over Bad. water still flows for now. But, cannot open drain cover without cutting it open to snake it out. IF i cut it out around cement it will probably cause new problems.

I think best bet is to just cut around metal cover then snake and take out bench completely on this one. Any help? Please. I am not even a contractor, but I do have a brain. Want to avoid costly charge on this one for her. Any suggestions like clean up walls and reseal somehow too. Think she might be getting wood roaches from the area too, maybe even drain flies Contractor was a moron of course, and she gets into a routine of not interrupting contractors, so no one can say anything against a contractor in her house.

So, she gets screwed. I mean look at all the information you can look up in the 21st century. Sorry to say she is a moron too, for not checking things out first too. Ok so I know this is lenghty, but this is what is going on. If she has to replace that whole section of pipe she is really screwed. I guess I still care about her. Cleaned the heck out of her sink drain, it was literally clogged from top of sink to trap solid with hair and gunk. What is it with women and bathrooms. Any help would be appreciated on this one.


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Take a picture of the drain cover---I never ran into one that couldn't be removed---


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umm ok then, i was going to further respond on this but i am ready to get off board. I came across to strongly, and I really was just looking for help is all. I am leaving now. I am really just trying to make a point that some people do not check into things is all correctly. I deserve the responses I am getting. I was going to upload pics and stuff, but that is ok I am in process of cleaning up mess. Some people just dont let others help them when remodeling is all at any cost. Thought you all might have an idea how to redo the shower drain firstly. I can start over.
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WOW mikey41,

Are we just a little impatient maybe?

You posed your inquiry then received a response an hour and twenty-one minutes later and you are complaining? My information says you posted at 4 a.m. is that correct? Sounds to me like maybe you are the one that could use some help.

Do you want some help or not?

I can tell you that travertine comes two ways. The holes are a characteristic of travertine - that's what travertine is. If you ever see travertine without the holes that is because the holes have been filled.

If bacteria is collecting and mold forming then bleach the walls and let it dry. Then use some tile grout and FILL THE HOLES. It is just that simple.

Without a picture of the drain it is hard to imagine what type drain was really used but I know of no shower drains that the strainer can't be removed from.

The bench is a different story. You can't just rig up some 2X4's and build a shower bench with them. There is a lot to building a leak-proof shower bench. With some pictures we may be able to help you in that area also.

Who hired the installer and were his references checked out?

Oh! Nobody asked for references I suppose?

Well then you and your sister have pretty well got what you deserved.

We may be able to help if you are still interested but if you just wanted to vent and trash your sister then that part is completed and we can all move on.
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