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vasanvasan 01-13-2006 10:42 AM

Continuous hammering noise

We are hearing this continuous hammering noise from our plumbing lines. It happens through-out the day and night. Although it is very prominent during the night, may be bacuse it is quiet.

We hear a continuous hammering noise for a minute then it will be silent for a minute. Again it starts after a minute. We are not using water at all during that time. I think this is coming from our heating system lines (we have hot water boiler that circulates water thru' baseboards for heating).

Is anybody facing this problem? Any ideas/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


justdon 01-13-2006 12:17 PM

Gotta find it
When it is very quiet and you can hear yourself think go to your basement area and see whats hammering. You feel the pipe when the noise is happening and you will feel a definate vibration on the worst pipe in the worst area, thats where you put an expansion tank or a upward capped pipe, sometimes is enough to fix the hammer. Keep looking till you find offending area. Sure your stool isnt running every little bit? Or could be your hot water heat tubes, heating and cooling. If you put in an expansion tank, put a 1/4 turn steam valve just below it to isolate it so you can replace if nesessary.

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