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Constant sound flowing water at meter

I have 1.2 million questions about the house ... here's one!

There is a constant sound at my main water meter, as if water's being consumed. The meter is not moving, however, and I know nothing's using water.

In fact, if I shut off the main after the pump, the sound does not dissipate.

As a comaprison, I checked out my neighbor's and his does NOT make this sound.

Does anything have an idea what this could be?


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I had this problem too. It turned out to be a leak in the service pipe coming from the main. The good news is you won't get charged for the wasted water. The bad news is it will only get worse and eventually fail completely and possibly cause water damage outside or around your home. My village would have replaced it at no cost to me if it was on their side of the sidewalk. Unfortunately it was on my side. They charged me for the copper pipe, which was in the 100 dollar range, but they provided the labor to hook it up to the meter. I also had to hire a local contractor who dug then filled the trench for the new service for a reasonable rate, maybe 250-300.

The first step is to call your municipal water authority.


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tbeaulieu (03-05-2010)
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Oh wow. I never thought of that. Thank you!
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Around here, the 'invisible line' is the meter. Anything on city side of the meter is their responsibility. The meter and the other side of the service is yours. Check with your local municipality to confirm.
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In some cities you can buy "insurance" from the water company or from the city to move the invisible line closer to your house. If I remember correctly, where I live the invisible line is at the curb (where the street meets the sidewalk).

And in some cities the invisible line for the sewer (sewer lateral) is in a different place compared with the water line.
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Just a wild guess, but could you be hearing the moving water in the main causing vibrations that get transmitted through the pipe into your house? Perhaps there is an irregularity in the main pipe where your house tap is, and it's causing turbulence.

Steel pipe would transmit sound better than copper or plastic. A stationary column of water is pretty good at transmitting vibrations, too.

Just a thought...


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