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Mark Harvey 03-29-2012 08:47 PM

Community Hall water pressure
The local community hall water is fed from a well the another building and then to the main community hall. The water pressure in the main hall is low. I looked at the system in the main building and see a pressure tank that reads about 30 PSI, which I believe is low. No pressure switch at this ocation, only a feed from the first building. .... The pressure tank in the main building has an air valve on it, ... should more air be pumped into this unit? Any other advice, opinions, suggestions on how to increase water pressure in the main hall?

Bondo 03-30-2012 07:24 AM


only a feed from the first building. ....
Ayuh,... So what's the pressure There,..??

Mark Harvey 03-30-2012 08:53 AM

Water pressure
Not sure about the water pressure in the first building as it belongs to a different group and I don't have access. Having said that, would a second jet punp and a limit sensor assist with this issue? ( I'm talkig about this for the main hall). or should the pressure from the first building be sufficient for the entire system?

joecaption 03-30-2012 10:12 AM

Unless the pressure is increased at the supply I see no way adding anything down line is going to help.
One other thing to check is the size of the supply lines. They need to be at least 3/4".

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