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Chede 01-26-2012 08:25 AM

Commers 1996 Water Softener Problem
We have a Commers 1996 Water Softener (put in when the house was built). I put a new bag of salt in a few weeks ago, and lately I have realized that it is making a humming noise and the salt is still there, like there has been no water running through a cycle. I tried to turn the dial, and I hit the box a few times, to see if the humming would stop. No cycle, the softener continues to make a humming noise. Does anyone have any ideas of what may be wrong?

Bob999 01-26-2012 09:32 AM

Could be a couple of things. There is an electric motor--sometimes more than one and I am not familiar with the Commers brand--and it may be making the humming sound but not working. Resolution is to replace the motor. However frequently the problem is in the valve/seals so that the force required to operate the valve increases and the motor can no longer operate the valve. This typically requires replacement of valve parts or seals. If there is a knob on your unit that allows manual regeneration I suggest you try turning it to see if the valve operates smoothly and with reasonable effort. If so the problem is likely the motor.

It is likely that the Commers unit has a valve manufactured by one of the major softener valve manufacturers and if you post a picture of the unit you may get more specific suggestions for troubleshooting/repair.

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