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Piney 11-08-2006 11:01 PM

Collapsed Drain Pipes

Drain lines from kitchen sink and laundry room haven't worked in this house for several years. Two other bathrooms' drains (sink, tub and toilet) drain fine. Kitchen and laundry room tie in to main drain to City line at same place. This tie in is (appears to be...) at the edge of the foundation, right by the main drain.

Question-- In general, is it better to dig under the foundation to fix these connections/pipes OR is it better to cut through the slab inside ?

The kitchen cabinets and flooring are going to be removed and replaced so access to the location from inside isn't an issue.

Not being a plumber of any sort here... It would seem to be difficult to dig under the foundation's footing, then back upward to the pipes.

Comments on either method of access ? Cost-- dig vs cut and dig ?

Ron The Plumber 11-09-2006 04:46 AM

If it's closer to the inside then get to it from that side, if on outside then from there, if it's under it then both sides will need dug up. Pipe will need cut so denpding on where the spot is this will determine best place. you just can't tell till you start getting to it. Your choice, I'm not there so I can't tell you which side. Chances are you will need to get on both sides.

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