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phxhouser 06-11-2008 06:25 PM

cold water runs hot
When I turn on my cold water taps in bathroom sink or kitchen, the water runs hot for a very long time, finally cooling to lukewarm. I never get truly cold water. I can get cold water first thing in the morning, or late in the evening. What is a likely explanation/fix for this? This may be ridiculous, but is it possible that the Phoenix heat plays any part in this (108-115 in the summer)?

We live in a single story home, no basement, with PVC plumbing throughout.

chris75 06-11-2008 07:11 PM

You have a cross connection somewhere....

do you have one of these installed?

Ron The Plumber 06-11-2008 08:27 PM

Check the dip tube in the water heater, it could be the problem.

mstplumber 06-11-2008 09:00 PM

How old is your home?

Do you have any type of circulation pump installed?

Has this just started?

Ron The Plumber 06-11-2008 09:03 PM

My Bad, you said cold water.

Ok if you have Moen faucets in the house, it could be one of the cartridges gone bad, yea sounds odd, but I have encountered this a few times.

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