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Pigonahog 01-06-2013 08:42 AM

Closing in my sump pit
Hello All. I am currently finishing my basement and I am about to construct a wall frame for a room near my sump pit. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding the distance I should stay away from the pit itself? Any experiences or suggestions would be helpful. Thanks all.

oh'mike 01-06-2013 08:51 AM

Make that closet 2 feet by 2 feet minimum,if possible---when changing pumps the elbow room helps---If you might need a battery back up---make sure there is room for the battery without having it sit on the lid---

Pigonahog 01-06-2013 03:19 PM

Thanks for the reply oh'mike. I'll definitely do the 2' on one side and I'll have a few feet on the other side, as it will carry behind the room I am framing.

Also for future posts I will remember to post that I am in Colorado. Thanks for the tip.

oh'mike 01-06-2013 05:43 PM

Welcome to DIY----Mike----

gregzoll 01-06-2013 06:37 PM

Even better if you can make that space 3x3 if possible, so that you can get at least a 28" door in there, vs. a 18" door to access.

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