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Originally Posted by plummen View Post
Looks like an abs trap to me
One that was done properly.


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Originally Posted by alex_nrv View Post
THAT'S a nicely done trap! Mine doesn't have the slip nut on the straight end (left). Mine has simply been glued... so for the quick easy fix, I added glue to the already glued joint. Now the owner is back from vacation, if the drippings reoccur, I will have him redo the drain...
I wonder why there is one slip nut though... WHY put one nut in the first place when you cannot even remove the trap? He's such a confusing person, that landlord...! And I don't like to use the word LANDLORD for him... it might be his land... but he's nowhere near a "lord" !!! That's why I used "owner" at first... we call it "propriétaire" in Québec, which is a direct translation of "owner".

OH... it reminds me: I DON'T HAVE SHUT DOWN VALVES on any sinks in the apartment! The only place I have a shut down valve, is on the toilet. The kitchen sink and the bathroom sink don't have valves on any of the cold or hot inlets... so if something fails, or if I simply want to clean/replace the cartridges... I have to cut the main water supply for the apartment... and the valves that cut the main water supply are near the hot water tank, in my bedroom... and the valve leaks when I turn it off... so I don't want to mess with the valve! Bedroom floor's covered in carpet!

Again... really NOT a land"lord"... he's more of a landevil!!

Your slumlord has nothing on mine. Check this out.

I have no gfci in the bathroom and no afci in the bedrooms.

One of the breakers in the breaker box has a busted off handle.

Several double breakers used as doubles but without ties.

Some double breakers are being used as singles.

The 200amp main breaker in the main panel is physically crooked .. lopsided, do not understand how it even works.

Couple of nails in floor board popped out .. nailed them back down and they popped out again the next day.

Floor where the washing machine is, is falling apart .. washing machine bounces and hops. The people from home depot who delivered the washer had to ziptie the drain from the washer to the drain pipe in the wall to keep it from falling off.

The front porch has shifted. There's a one inch gap from the door to the last last plank, tred, whatever you call it.

Paint is falling off the walls.

There's no down bolt on one side of the toilet. How it does not leak waste I do not know.

No shut off valves on any plumbing anywhere. NOT even on the main coming in. Landlord actually has to shut down the well to turn off my water if there is ever an emergency.

All the windows leak. I have to clean them twice a week with anti-mold cleaners or mold would build up.

There's a gap between the wall and floor underneath the sink where the drain goes out from the p-trap.

There was a hole in the wall behind the range in the kitchen. Rat used to come through it. I had to spray a bunch of spray foam into the hole and and nail a 2 x 4 over the top to keep rats from coming through.

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Ouch, that's horrible jasin! How did you NOT MOVE out of there already??

Mine isn't bad at all compared to yours. I am not complaining about my apartment. It's almost a "twin-triplex"... I have my own entry door, floating floor in the living room and in the corridor leading to the rooms. My own patio door and nice large balcony with BBQ. It's big (5 1/2), clean and in a nice quiet village near a school and parks. A lot of new families come here to live. I moved from a very bad apartment (almost like yours) to this nice one. It's almost "1-star" from being a condo. I wanted something clean and neat with a prevision of having a baby in something very decent. A house isn't in the plans short-term, but when I'll be moving out of here, it'll be for a first house. THEN, I will do things like they should be done, asking people and replacing what needs to be replaced, properly!

The windows are "thermos" ones, but they are all broken. One of the window has fog constantly in them. In the winter, they will all get very foggy and in the spring, there's a lot of mold that built up. I cleaned the bedroom and the kitchen one yesterday. I asked him to do something about them, but he refered to HIS windows at HIS home, saying he won't even change HIS windows at home, so he WON'T change them here.

I already called him last year and left a message because sometimes, when I turn on the hot water in the bathroom (sink or bath), the water comes out light to medium yellow for 5 seconds... I always let the water flow a bit for the color to wash away. I never got a come back for this issue... like he ignored it. I never came back to him neither though. I don't really want him to come in our bedroom to change the hot water tank and mess around with things that large.

Another issue I had on new year: one of the neighbor below smoked a lot of pot in the first week of 2012... and my baby boy was born on Dec. 31. We came back at home on Jan. 2 with that smell in the bathroom. One of the neighbor smokes pot in his bathroom and all the fumes come up in MY bathroom... and 2 times it got into the living room. I also remembered I smelled cigarette smoke in the past, without paying much attention.
He told me that when he cutted his holes in the floors for the drains, he cutted them square, and he only putted some pink fiberglass insulation to close the holes around the pipes. I asked him why he didn't use something foamy, like "mono foam" or whatever... and he stuttered saying something in the lines of: "just because"...
He sent a notice to all the rentees about drug smoking that could disturb the other rentees... since then, it smells okay.

The construction isn't old, 90's. Not much things needed to be fixed since then, but as things get old, the owner has to fix them... he's not "super-bad" (like hammering screws... and things like that) but he's not at all someone I would have to do stuff in my home.
One day, he had to replace a fixed window glass at the neighbor's... he literally smashed it out the wall towards the exterior, falling from 3 stories high and landing in little pieces in the grass and on the 2nd floor's neighbor balcony... WAY TO GO IDIOT. There might be kids running there without shoes!! He could have put duct tape all over the window before smashing it out with his hammer!... That way, none of almost no shatters would have landed in the grass... Yes, he got out afterward and picked up the shatterings, but for sure he missed A LOT of 'em.

There is ways to make things with at least a little decency... but this guy just don't get it.


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