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clog + gurgling

We have a toilet that is causing a major headache. At first I thought it was just a normal clog and tried several times to plunge it. That hasn't worked at all. I can usually get the water to disappear, but the same exact thing happens the next time we try.

A day or so later I started noticing that when my washing machine is in use or one of my toilet upstairs is flushed, the problem toilet gurgles and fills with water. (Keep in mind that the washer and upstairs toilet work properly.) I have a third toilet that seems to have no effect on this toilet whatsoever that is also upstairs but on the other side of the house.

I am at a loss of what to try next. From trying to read up on this issue I thought maybe it could be a local clog or a vent issue. If it was a clog nearby the toilet, that doesn't really explain the gurgling, does it? If it was a problem with the vent, then why is it only one of my toilets that is having an issue? Maybe I just don't understand how it all works. Anyone have any ideas for me?




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the pipe appears to be still clogged. sounds like some water is getting by, washers use lots of water all at once, If you have visibility to your drain pipes, look for a clean-out plug. You can do this yourself, or if need be, call a plumber to snake the lines out.


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You have a partially clogged line downstream of the toilet and washing machine, most likely outside the house. Not sue if you're on septic or public sewer, but I had the exact same problem. I started hearing "gurgling" in my toilet when the washing machine would dump its water. The gurgling is caused by the water having not having anywhere to drain quickly enough and so it pushes up into the toilet causing "gurgling." Mine clog was tree roots in the service line outside house. The line would drain eventually, but very slowly. Try and find a clean-out access point on your sewer line, either just outside your house, or in your crawl space (if you have one) on your sewer line for purposes of "snaking." My guess is though, you're going to need a plumber to run a camara through the line and find the clog. If you have City sewer, try calling them first. I was lucky, my City sewer company came out and ran a camara in the line and located the problem and the exact location. I had to replace a 15 foot section of the line.
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