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Choosing a Water Softener/Help

Hi guys
I live in a town with hard water and my wife is starting to get aggrevated with the situation. Our glasses come out of the (brand new $900) dishwasher with white spots, the toilet has a brownish ring and my dogs water bowl has an orange ring around it. Needless to say, I think I need a water softener. I know very little about them and thought someone might have a suggestion regarding make/model/size to purchase. I'm not looking to break the bank on this purchase but I'm also not looking the cheapest model.

I live in a 1700 square foot house with a wife and newborn. We used an average amount of water for 2 people. Any advise you could give me would be much appreciated.

Thank you
Mike Kelly


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You'll need to have your water tested in order to determine exactly what you need.


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As noted above you need a water analysis. If you are on municipal water your supplier should be able to provide the water analysis--many post the information on line. Of particular interest is hardness, iron, manganese, and pH.

If a softener ends up being indicated and you are handy enough to do the installation yourself you can buy high quality equipment online for reasonable prices. I recommend units with a Fleck control head. Depending on the specific unit and size prices range from about $500 and up for a complete unit delivered to your home.

Avoid the units sold in the big box stores--they are much more prone to problems and typically have a relatively short operational life.
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These two sites helped me understand the science of water softners and what questions to ask when seeking estimates.

The way I looked at it, it's my house, my money, and my body. I really needed to understand what water softeners do and don't do.

Be prepared for much reading and comprehension.

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Mike...The brownish ring is likely Iron and I don't think it's a good idea to bath in the water or drink it. You would need to use a chlorine filter to get rid of the Iron. You would then need a carbon filter to get rid of the chlorine. You'd have super clean water if you go that route. If you water is hard as well, then I'd recommend checking out this site. The softner I bought was inexpensive and small and has been working great.
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Don't want to sound like I'm shilling for them, but the softener we put in our new house is a Culligan. I've had a Culligan before and also a Water Boss I installed myself. Any water treatment company will test your water for free and recommend what type and size of water treatment equipment you need. Depending on what's in your water, you may require other equipment besides just a softener. Don't know that I really need it, but I also put in a UV purifier.

An interesting aside: As we were completing the paperwork for the sale, I half-jokingly asked about a military discount (retired USAF so I always ask). No break on the price, but we did get several free boxes of various soaps, detergents, and cleaners - about 5 years worth for us.


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