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Choices choices ???? AAAAAARRRGGHH

I am trying to choose between getting:

A). Gerber Viper ( comfort height ) & Gerber Ultra ( Regular Height ) toilets


B). 2 Gerber Avalanche toilets

Since my budget can only stand one of these two configurations, I was wondering which you guys think would be the best choice ?? Not a huge difference I Know....So many toilets, so little time.

Thanks for any input


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Yeah....I'd go with the Toto toilet option. Oh wait, that isnt one of them. In that case hmmm....

Personally, I like the "comfort height" toilets. (Funny how they marketed a handicapped height toilet to the general public as "comfort height"). I'm not very familiar with Gerber toilets, but I'd imagine they all have a similar flush.


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JDC - we thought of the Toto Drake, but none of the plumbing shops here carries the toto line - we would have to special order anything from the Toto line in.

THe Gerber Ultra is pressure assist and the viper and avalanche are Gravity - which one is better?

Any other thoughts on Toilet choices ??
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From another site - geared more to plumbing:

Here is CR's top pick in a dual flush toilet, Gerber DF-21-318, another bad joke on the consumer.
40% of the dual flush tanks have come back for replacement in the first year
If you buy a Gerber Ultraflush, don't get the dual flush.
The 1.1 Flushmate or the 1.6 Flushmate would be a better choice then the Dual 1.1/1.6 made in China that is failing too often. When 40% fail in the first year, that is ridiculous

Gerber Ultraflush, Too noisy for home use. And not as good as the Toto Drake for less money.
Recent quality control has changed since the company was bought out.
As a replacement bowl, it covered very little. Unless you have just installed new floors, this bowl will not cover the old imprint left behind
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Another vote for the Toto Drake: four years ago after using these in my own house I swapped out the assorted other toilets at my rental units for ADA height Drakes; previous to doing this I was plunging or rodding toilets regularly, since I've installed the Totos I've only had to plunge one toilet. Once.

It's possible that other brands have improved to equal or better performance in the four years since I started buying only Toto's, but if so price really ought to be your only consideration as the Toto's just don't clog in anything resembling normal use.

The only downside I've found is that the flappers are nonstandard size and the pivot holes (at least on the older flappers I have) fail occasionally - my response has just been to stock a few extras as I find this much less aggravating than my previous experience with constant clogging of other brands.

I've always ordered the Drakes off the net as the price including shipping is better than from local suppliers, and I've never had one damaged in shipping.
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Another vote for the TOTO Drake. Although I have two of their Ultramax styles the TOTO line can not be beaten as to quality and function. You can easily order one from any numbself of great online vendors who will ship it for free. I recommend National Builder Supply because A. I know the folks that own it and their dedication to customer service, B.They sponsor my Blog site,many of which are reprinted here on the Blog section, so Im not hidding anything or self promotion C. Im not employed nor paid by them D. Im a satisfied customer of theirs having bought many products from them. But to offset any thought of prejudice I also recommend E-Faucets and FaucetDirect both of which also have excellent reputations and generous shipping and pricing policies. You can have a Drake in a matter of days probably cheaper than buying one locally.
As to the "comfort" Height I am disabled and we changed out both of our toilets for that reason but everyone that visits comments on them as to the height even my best friends wife who is only 4'11" tall. I would never own a standard height one again.
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+1 here for the Sloan Flushmate.
i liked mine so much, i pulled it and moved it here when we moved.
replaced it with a cheaper, new one at the old house.
EXCELLENT service from them too, i had a small problem and they sent me all new parts free.
(seems they had a slight 'duckbill' problem, but sent a much better one)

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The Gerber viper is rated at 600-750 grams and the Avalanche is rated at 1000 grams so i would go with the Avalanche.
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Thanks for the info guys. Right now I have a Aquadis toilet in my main BR and I am sick and tired of having to go get the plunger after someone has been in there. I am thinking that any of the above choices will still be better than the one I got.

I am still unsure of which one I would like. Guess it's now up to the wife....she can pick the "purdy" one !!(As long as it's just plane ol' white !!)


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